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First Canadian Pure Breed

Genetically Tested

Impressive Growth Rates

Hardy and Healthy

Association Info

The Canadian Hays Converter Association

Incorporated, Live Stock Pedigree Act, December 17, 1975


Terri Worms (Secretary-Manager)

201, 1600 - 15 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0Y2 CANADA

Telephone: (403) 245-6923

Fax: (403) 244-3128


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Association Bylaws
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Breed Information
About us

Summary of Original Breeding Program

Sons of Fond Hope - mated to Hereford Cows

Female Offspring Mated to Silver Prince 7P

Selected Males Mated to Fond Hop X Hereford Cows

Females of this Mating put into the herd and the herd was closed to outside blood

Latest News 

University of Alberta

Genomics and the Hays Converter

2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

Who put the Hay in Hays Converter - Video

Hays Converter Article by Razie Khorshidi

Published in the Livestock Science Journal 2020

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